Advancing EU energy and climate policies

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The long term (2030-2050) direction of the European energy and climate policies were decisively influenced by decisions taken during the time frame of this project. Moreover, the likelihood of reaching the short term EU energy and climate goals (2020) will depend from the quality of the implementation of a number of already adopted policies.

Based on an appraisal of their implementation so far, this project developed analytical and strategic tools for the further development of the EU energy and climate policies. Energy efficiency, energy infrastructure and financial mechanisms belonged to the core areas of interest, as they will have a fundamental influence on the speed and on the costs of Europe’s energy and climate transformation.

The project provided scientific support to the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety. On its behalf, we analysed and evaluated current policy plans and we developed specific proposals for their improvement as well as modular strategies reflecting the ongoing debate at EU level. The project fostered new ideas for a constructive policy debate and provided specific proposals for the negotiation process.

Publications of this project