Selina Blum
Master of International Relations

Selina Blum is an Analyst at adelphi focusing on the topic areas of social and environmental entrepreneurship, green finance and the green economy. She mainly works on improving access to finance for green enterprises and on promoting environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive enterprises through entrepreneurship awards.

Prior to joining adelphi, Selina worked for cultural simulation exercises of NATO units, through which she gained a strong understanding of negotiations between different stakeholders in conflict zones and the role of development assistance for conflict prevention. During her university studies, she worked at Palestine Wildlife Society in the Palestinian territories, the Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection Department of the German Embassy in South Africa, and BMW in Munich. Through these experiences, she gained practical knowledge in the areas of development cooperation, environmental sustainability, agriculture, international business and diplomacy.

Selina completed the Master’s Programme in International Relations with a focus on Global Political Economy at Technische Universität Dresden and Ankara Üniversitesi. Moreover, she has an undergraduate degree in International Cultural and Business Studies with a concentration on business economics in Southeast Asia from Universität Passau and Universidad del Desarrollo in Santiago de Chile.