The future belongs to international eco-labelling schemes

Kahlenborn, Walter und Attina Dominé 2001: The future belongs to international eco-labelling schemes. In: Font, Xavier and R.C. Buckley (Eds.): Tourism ecolabelling: certification and promotion of sustainable management. London: Routledge, S. 247-258.

The growing importance of international ecolabelling schemes is discussed and the implications of these schemes for environmental policy ascertained. Among the topics highlighted are: the future development and potential increase in international labelling scheme; the environmental policy challenges of international schemes (the regional conditions, potential misuse, relationship with free trade, and the institutional context within which the schemes are allocated); and the environmental benefits of these schemes (more transparency and clarity, positive impact on the behaviour of the industry, environmental awareness in new national tourism markets, and efficiency). Several recommendations are given for national environmental policy. Development of international schemes will bring about new risks and opportunities for environmental policy. Overall, however, the opportunities will outweigh the risks. Environmental policy makers should react and take advantage of these chances while minimizing the risks.