Urban Climate Adaptation

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Environmental risks in cities worldwide are increasing due to the effects of climate change, while also being significantly influenced by the ways in which cities grow. The development of effective approaches to address the immediate and future risks of climate change is therefore urgently needed.

adelphi works at the interface of urban planning, climate adaptation, and disaster risk management and combines its comprehensive expertise in these three areas. This is a key success factor of integrated approaches that are needed to develop innovative solutions for increasing urban climate resilience. In addition, possible opportunities and potentials that climate change presents for sustainable urban development can be easily identified and harnessed.

Our international and national partners benefit from our experience in the design and implementation of risk and vulnerability analyses and from our expertise in integrating climate adaptation into urban development. Our analyses use both qualitative and quantitative, data-driven methodological approaches. We develop and test creative adaptation options in the field of urban development. We also plan preventive measures and develop strategies for risk communication in cities. These services support our partners worldwide in strengthening the climate resilience of cities. In doing so, we work at the international, national and local levels.

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