State of the River Nile Basin Report 2020 – Synthesis

Nile Basin Initiative 2021: State of the River Nile Basin Report 2020. Synthesis. Entebbe: NBI.

The State of the Basin (SOB) Report 2020 for the Nile river aims to inform regional decision-making by providing factual information on the current state of key basin biophysical and socio-economic variables and indicators; to examine current and emerging trends in the whole basin. It builds on the 2012 report by taking stock of the developments that have occurred since then, critically assessing the evolving pressures on the Basin resources and effects in terms on sustainable use of the Basin’s water and other natural resources; and to track progress towards overcoming the main Basin development challenges. It presents facts, trends, patterns, synthesis, and indicators for both basin's integrity and multiple biophysical conditions. It also establishes the foundation and structure for reporting and monitoring of the impact of measures taken at national and regional levels.

This report is also meant to be used as a reference document and source of data and information when formulating or reviewing policies as well as when making decisions on planning, design and implementation of water resources management and development projects. The report is also aimed at strengthening cooperation among different stakeholders by providing a vehicle for sustainable and equitable utilisation of the basin's natural resources. The report targets diverse audiences, including politicians, government officials, development workers, media experts, academicians, researchers, and all citizenry of the Nile.

The full version of the SOB 2020 will be published shortly.