Improving municipal heating infrastructure planning

Masterplan für städtische Landschaftsgestaltung oder urbane Architektur, handgezeichnet mit Farbmarkierungsstift auf weißem Papier und Gruppe von Farbmarkierstiften, mit englischer und thailändischer Sprache in der Planzeichnung

Cities and municipalities play a key role in the transition to sustainable heat supply, as they can prepare and implement trend-setting developments on a local and regional scale. This requires the transfer of national climate and energy policy targets to the municipal planning and implementation level. The process also necessitates a municipal planning tool to analyse existing consumption and generation structures, identify potential options for climate-friendly heat supply, and improve existing infrastructure. This is where the focus of this project comes into play – the development of a heat planning tool.

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) intends to develop a new planning instrument or model for municipal heating planning. This project will analyse existing planning tools and develop recommendations for optimised heat planning in close cooperation with municipal administrations, energy suppliers, associations and state authorities. The project will explore technical and legal options for municipal planning control, as well as investigate the potential of adapted funding mechanisms.

adelphi is in charge of the empirical studies on the application of the law by municipal planning authorities. To this end, the think tank is conducting numerous expert interviews and specialist workshops. adelphi is also developing recommendations for a planning tool and preparing for implementation. Additionally, adelphi is providing coordination support for the associations and advisory board.