What the hotel and catering industry really needs

Saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions, made easy. Autumn will see the start of a series of seminars for the hotel and catering industry organised by adelphi and the Deutsches Seminar für Tourismus (DSFT) (German Seminar for Tourism).


The extensive range of further training programmes for the hotel and catering industry has so far fallen short when it comes to energy and environmental management. Yet energy costs amount to five to ten percent of turnover. The seminar programme from adelphi and the DFST aims to fill this gap. Up until the end of 2014, a total of 40 training sessions will take place throughout all of Germany, and will focus specifically on what really matters for hotel and restaurant operators. They will include, for example, clear tips on how to save energy immediately, strategies for changing energy provider, a practical tool for analysing energy and water consumption, as well as an overview of the major subsidies and support programmes on offer. Additionally, participants will learn how they can benefit from their eco-friendly activity in marketing campaigns, and will receive a prediction of how their business would be categorised in the German Hotel and Catering Association (DEHOGA) Environmental Check. Following on from the seminar, experts will be available for free telephone consultations over a period of six months. adelphi presented the seminar programme at the “Berliner Energie-Tage” conference as part of the event “Energy Efficiency in the Catering Industry – The new DEHOGA Energy and Environmental Concept”. An overview of all dates for 2012 – a total of 10 seminars in October and November – is available on the DFST website.