Project 'Sense the City' at Arch Week in Milan

Milano Arch Week

Arch week is taking place from 21-26 May in the context of the CCII Triennale di Milano, ‘Broken Nature: Design takes on Human Survival’. ‘Sense the City’ is contributing to the discussions about architecture and urban development with the workshop “Future Factory”.


Sense the City aims to collect innovative ideas about the future of cities, in particular from the perspective of the human senses. The Future Factory is a place for students in Milan from different disciplines, such as architecture and urban development, to discuss their ideas about the future with us. Through the use of multi-sense stimuli and artistic formats, we allow the participants to think about the urban future in the Anthropocene era in a creative way.

Further information about the event:

Future Factory – Exploring the future city with all human senses
Friday, 24 May 2019, 1.30 pm – 6.30 pm, Urban Centre Triennale

Programme of the Arch Week

Contact: Barbara Burkel