New perspectives for German-Polish cooperation on low emission strategies

Municipalities are drivers of innovation in climate mitigation and in energy transition in Germany. In Poland, they are also becoming a force to be reckoned with. A new project will strengthen the knowledge exchange between both countries and foster the development of new policy approaches.


When it comes to climate protection in Europe, municipalities are playing a key role: in Germany, there are almost 3.000 municipalities involved in climate action in the framework of the country’s National Climate Initiative (NKI). In Poland, more than 800 municipalities have applied for funding to develop low emission plans. Municipalities are thus proving to be progressive players in climate policy, making a pivotal contribution to climate mitigation in Poland and Germany, as well as being a decisive factor in the success of the European Union’s ambitious climate and energy policy.

adelphi supports municipalities’ driving force for climate action

adelphi is now implementing the particular prominence of municipalities in a new project, the goal of which is to intensify experience exchange in climate mitigation between both countries as well as developing new approaches in climate and energy cooperation. Good practice exchange between Polish and German municipality representatives will be fostered during dialogue forums, and adelphi has conceived a competition of municipal climate action strategies, providing a particular incentive for innovation.

This long-term information exchange will lead to the compilation of a new, comprehensive practical handbook that can be used as a climate policy instrument for Polish municipalities. This manual will be based on experiences gathered in a German handbook, adelphi composed for an earlier project ("Climate mitigation inspite of tight budgets"). Training concepts in Poland that examine innovative approaches for municipal climate protection and appropriate funding mechanisms will complement the existing set of measures.

Implementing companies’ innovation potential in climate action

adelphi will bring representatives from both countries’ economic and political sectors together and place positive perspectives on low emission strategies at the centre of bilateral discussions. The project will also identify the innovation and cooperation potential of companies in Poland and Germany that can be implemented as part of ambitious climate action schemes.

Contributing its many years of experience in developing innovative approaches in municipal climate protection, low emission development and green development, adelphi will be realising the scheme in cooperation with the Polish National Energy Conservation Agency (KAPE), the Polish Confederation "Lewiatan", and the Federation of German Industries (BDI).

This project will be funded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation , Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) using funds from the advisory assistance programme for conservation in middle and eastern European states, Caucasus and Central Asia, with technical supervision given by both the BMUB and the Federal Environmental Agency (UBA).