More investments in energy efficiency: adelphi to consult Santander and Crédit Coopératif

With the PF4EE instrument the European Investment Bank aims to enhance energy efficiency financing in Europe. In addition to the Czech KB bank, adelphi consults and trains Spanish Banco Santander as well as French Crédit Coopératif. First capacity building activities wil start in February 2016.


After a the first training on energy efficiency financing for staff members of the Czech Komerční banka, the support within the framework of the European Investment Bank’s (EIB) Private Finance for Energy Efficiency instrument (PF4EE) will be extended to Banco Santander from Spain and Crédit Coopératif from France. With the PF4EE, EIB provides financial and technical support for energy efficiency financing to selected partner banks. Together with its project partner, adelphi provides these financial institutions with consultancy and training services.

Manual and standardized trainings to promote capacity building

Banco Santander aims to promote lending for investments in energy efficiency measures in Spanish hotels. Against this background, adelphi is drafting a manual to help Santander staff in identifying eligible energy efficiency measures in the hotel sector and directly targeting possible clients. In addition, employees are trained in energy efficiency financing to root these processes on a long-term basis in the bank’s lending practice. The Banco Santander is Spain’s largest and Europe’s second largest consumer bank.

The French bank Crédit Coopératif is the third private European financial institution to sign an agreement with EIB under the PF4EE instrument. As with all other all partner banks, the staff of Crédit Coopératif will receive standardised trainings on energy efficiency financing and on PF4EE. On January 6, the first meeting took place in Paris between representatives of the bank and adelphi to agree on a road map for capacity building on energy efficiency financing in the bank. Training is foreseen to start in February 2016.