How vulnerable is Germany? New study from Vulnerability Network assesses climate impacts

On behalf of the Vulnerability Network (Netzwerk Vulnerabilität) and together with its scientific partners and a broad network of government authorities, adelphi analysed Germany's vulnerability with regards to climate change. Scientists and decision-makers will discuss the results on 1 June 2015.


Over a period of three and a half years, the Vulnerability Network has identified the regions, sectors and issues across the whole of Germany that are particularly impacted by the effects of global climate change. On 1 June 2015, the results will be presented in Berlin as part of the conference "Germany's Vulnerability With Respect To Climate Change". The aim of the conference is to present the results and methodology of the sectorial, cross-sectorial and spatial results, as well as the methodology of the vulnerability assessment. Additionally, specific aspects will be explored more deeply in scientific discussion forums in order to arrive at recommendations for future vulnerability assessments and to disclose areas where further research is needed.

The conference organisers are the Competence Centre on Climate Impacts and Adaptation (KomPass) at the Federal Environment Agency, and the German Weather Service (DWD), both operating as part of the Vulnerability Network. The conference is chiefly aimed at scientists and representatives from associations, government authorities and the press.

The registration deadline is 30 April 2015. Download the conference programme here.

The vulnerability assessment was conducted as part of the German Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change (DAS), whose goal is to reduce Germany's vulnerability with respect to climate change impacts. This includes maintaining or increasing the adaptability of natural, economic and societal systems. The basis for the cross-sectorial, Germany-wide vulnerability assessment was formed by a transdisciplinary collaboration and development of methodologies in the Vulnerability Network, an association of 16 higher federal authorities and institutions, as well as a scientific consortium under the leadership of adelphi.

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