DEHOGA Environmental Check is growing in popularity

The DEHOGA Environmental Check is now firmly established in the German hotel and catering industry. Increasing numbers of hoteliers and restaurateurs are keen to acquire the seal of approval developed by adelphi.


For hoteliers and restaurateurs, green hospitality plays a key role in creating a positive image. In the past, businesses in this industry were not able to obtain a certificate valid across Germany to communicate their environmental protection measures to their customers. The Environmental Check introduced by the German Hotel and Catering Association (DEHOGA) provides hotels and restaurants with the chance to acquire a seal of approval valid across Germany, certifying their environmental sustainability.

In order to help hoteliers and restaurateurs integrate ecological commitment into their marketing strategies, viabono joined forces with adelphi to develop the methodical basis for the Environmental Check. By the end of March 2012, as many as 20 hotels and restaurants had undergone extensive tests concerning energy consumption, waste accumulation and foodstuffs. Some 100 other businesses are aiming to acquire the seal of approval, which is awarded in gold, silver and bronze.

The DEHOGA Environmental Check is part of DEHOGA’s successful energy and environmental concept, implemented by adelphi and supported by the Federal Environment Ministry.