Climate Change and Security Conference in Trondheim

The “Climate Change and Security” conference took place in Trondheim from 21-24 June, on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters (DNVA), Norway’s oldest scientific society.


Over four days more than 100 participants world-wide discussed and analyzed the implications of climate change on international security structures. The conference was organized by the internationally-renowned Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO). For the last few years the climate change debate has increasingly focused on social implications, including those relating to security and peace. But as yet, there is little academic research in this area. While the science of climate change is well established on the basis of peer-reviewed publications, the literature on the security implications remains more speculative.

Achim Maas, project manager at adelphi, argued in his speech that the impacts of climate change on the Pacific region, particularly the Pacific Small Island Developing States (PSIDS), is more complex and goes beyond the current political discourse on ‘climate refuges’ and ‘vanishing atolls’.

You can find the paper of Achim Maas (together with Alexander carius) here:

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