adelphi supports a laboratory for democracy on wheels

20 days before the German federal election, a team of young, engaged individuals will begin a bus tour to experience what concerns people around the country.  From 4 to 17 September 2017, the Bus der Begegnungen (“Bus of Encounters”) will tour through half the republic and let filter bubbles pop.


Over two weeks, the team of young and engaged individuals will tour through Germany in a charming red double-decker bus in order to get to know other realities of life. The Bus der Begegnungen will take off in Berlin on the 4 September 2017 and make stops in Chemnitz, Weimar, Kassel, and Neuruppin, among other places. On 17 September, the bus will return to Berlin. The goal is to expand one’s horizons and those of others, in addition to leaving individual filter bubbles.

“In our society, the loudest groups get particular attention. However, we are also interested in the worries and hopes of those people who do not usually receive much awareness. On our tour, we want to get into contact with those who we would not usually meet in daily life”, says Shai Hoffmann, the project initiator. The team wants to overcome societal divisions and encourage political interest.

The bright red double-decker is on loan from the educational project Linie94. “Our vintage bus is the perfect place to meet and discuss with one another,” says Stella Bauhaus, teacher, bus driver, and founder of Linie94. With a kitchen, large table, TV corner, and room for 54 passengers, the bus offers the best conditions for bringing together a mixed group of people. At various stops throughout the trip, the about 15 volunteer and civil society initiatives including DeutschPlus, Die Offene Gesellschaft, Linie94 and Zahnräder Netzwerk have planned activities to initiate thinking and discussion.

As a partner, adelphi supports the project Bus der Begegnungen. Other partners in addition to the Initiative Offene Gesellschaft include Linie 94, Kleiner Fünf, and Deutsch Plus, among others.

More information and an overview of the route can be found here: 

Bus der Begegnungen