adelphi sharpens ENVSEC’s security concept

Expectations towards the ENVSEC Initiative have increased along with rising awareness among policy makers and development practitioners that environmental pressures are impacting security risks and triggering conflict. adelphi sharpened the security concept of the initiative.


The study provides a conceptual framework for defining security threats and gives guidance on how to put these concepts into practice. It also clearly defines the unique added value that the Environment and Security Initiative (ENVSEC) and its members can provide. The report furthermore outlines the main security and environment challenges in the regions of the initiative (Central Asia, Caucasus, South East and Eastern Europe) and gives recommendations for ENVSEC’s future thematic, geographic and programmatic developments.

The Environment and Security Initiative brings together a diverse group of members including OSCE, UNDP, UNEP, UNECE, REC Europe and NATO (associated member). Together these organisations are in a unique position to address cross-cutting challenges in the field of environment, natural resources, climate change and security.