New Study: Strategies for hydrogen import security in the 21st century

02/03/2022 How can future hydrogen-importing countries secure their hydrogen import needs? A new analysis looks at Germany’s future need for hydrogen imports, hydrogen import-related risks as well as strategies to secure hydrogen imports.

New study: Public acceptance for carbon pricing, less so for climate money

28/02/2022 A team led by adelphi carried out empirical research on the public approval of carbon pricing and different applications for the revenue. The results are surprising, especially when it comes to so-called climate money.

Statement on war in Ukraine

25/02/2022 We refuse to lose faith in our collective ability to build a better world.

adelphi’s Biodiversity Finance Accelerator is kicking off

23/02/2022 Selected biodiversity-positive companies from Malawi and Zambia currently have the chance to participate in the 9-month support programme to expand their business and mobilise investment.

Weathering Risk Peace Pillar: The new flagship initiative

08/02/2022 The “Weathering Risk Peace Pillar” is a new flagship initiative, funded by the German Federal Foreign Office, to systematically implement and assess the impact of climate-security informed peace programming.

What’s with all the garbage? The search for global solutions to e-waste

27/01/2022 Minimising waste, eliminating pollutants, reusing resources worldwide: these are the challenges and goals of the global initiative “PREVENT Waste Alliance”. All it needs are allies and project ideas. adelphi has started looking for them.

Green Eligibility Checker honoured as a pillar of the EIB’s green finance strategy

07/01/2022 Is this investment project green? The online tool “Green Eligibility Checker,” developed by adelphi, answers this question. It was recently highlighted by the European Investment Bank (EIB) as a cornerstone of their green finance strategy.

The European City Facility closes its 3rd call with more than 160 applications

21/12/2021 On 17 December 2021, the European City Facility (EUCF) successfully closed its third call with more than 160 applications from municipalities and local authorities across Europe.

adelphi celebrates 20 years of innovation for the socio-ecological transformation

13/12/2021 For two decades, adelphi has been researching and advising on the issues that determine our future. For our birthday, we turn up the volume and think out loud, kicking off debate with strong opinions.

“In this way, our work in the Sudan was a pilot project” - Interview with Lukas Rüttinger

10/12/2021 In late October, a few weeks before the coup by the Sudanese military and protests on the streets, adelphi’s Senior Advisor Lukas Rüttinger was in the East African country. In this interview, he talks about his work and the conditions on the ground.