Marion Müller vom Berge
M.A. Political Science, Auxiliary Historical Studies, Modern and Contemporary History (eq. MA)
Senior Manager

Marion Müller vom Berge is a Senior Manager at adelphi specialising in the topic areas of green economy, sustainable business, and energy. She is currently engaged in conceptualising and realising dialogue formats within the context of SEED. Furthermore, she is responsible for SEED Support to selected social and environmental enterprises in Africa as well as for reporting to sponsors and supporters of the project.

Marion is experienced in the planning and implementation of dialogue processes, workshops, and events for a diverse range of target groups. She also has a comprehensive knowledge of project management, project leadership, and event organisation.

Prior to her time at adelphi, Marion was employed at IFOK GmbH, an internationally active consultancy. Her key subjects included sustainability strategies for German federal states, civic participation in political strategy processes, and communications strategies, dialogue processes and stakeholder management for traffic and energy supply infrastructure projects. She was able to gain practical experience in project work and consultancy during previous periods of employment with adelphi, the Wittenberg Center for Global Ethics, and the Centre for Community Economics and Development Consultants Society (CECOEDECON) in India.

Marion gained her MA in Political Science, Auxiliary Historical Sciences and Modern and Contemporary History at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, Germany. During her studies, she particularly focused on political philosophy, international development cooperation, and business ethics.

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