Lukas Dorsch
M.Sc. Global Change Management

Lukas Dorsch is an Analyst in climate adaptation and vulnerability. The main focus of his work is the consequences of climate change and the necessary adaptation in Germany and Europe. 

Before joining adelphi, Lukas acquired practical experience in various civil society organisations and research institutions. He helped the environmental and development non-profit Germanwatch with the didactic preparation of climate impact research results for educational projects. There, Lukas also served as a co-author on publications related to the financing of climate-compatible urban development and global climate risks. He worked for the environmental organisation Green City e.V., playing a role in the design and implementation of educational projects for climate change, mobility and urban greening. Lukas also advised citizens on sustainable mobility solutions in the city. As part of his undergraduate studies, Lukas worked on topics related to sustainable urban development as part of an international project study. For several semesters, he worked with an international team on a transformative research project on the socio-ecological revitalisation of public spaces in Lüneburg and Phoenix (Arizona, USA). During his studies, Lukas also mentored other students in the development of urban sustainability projects and conducted workshops at schools as a volunteer. Prior to his bachelor's degree, he was active in public relations, press and networking work for various environmental and development organisations, including as part of a federal voluntary service.

Lukas completed the international master's program in global change management at the Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development. During his studies, he dealt in particular with the consequences of global environmental change as well as mitigation and adaptation strategies. He wrote his master's thesis at the Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IÖW) as part of the BMBF project “Green city of the future – climate-resilient neighbourhoods in a growing city”. There Lukas examined the role of self-organised housing projects in urban transformation processes. Before that, he studied environmental sciences at the Leuphana University Lüneburg with stay abroad at Arizona State University in the USA.

Selected Projects