Dr. Richard Grasshoff
Doktor der Philosophie in Komparatistik
Senior Manager Knowledge Management

Richard Grasshoff is the Senior Manager Knowledge Management at adelphi. In addition, he coordinates the Digital Work taskforce.

Before joining adelphi, Richard spent 20 years working in the field of knowledge transfer for various international companies. At Capgemini, a consulting firm, he was responsible for strategy consulting, with a primary focus on operational issues like documentation management and project documentation, as well as maintaining and teaching digital tools for the coordination and efficient dissemination of knowledge. In 2008, Richard took over the company’s knowledge management for Central Europe. In this context, he promoted the internationalisation of knowledge management, the extension of knowledge management services especially with the help of digital services and the measurability of knowledge management activities. At Arvato Bertelsmann, he designed and successfully implemented the company's knowledge management from the ground up, creating the corresponding internal structures and processes as well as introducing a new virtual collaboration platform.

Prior to his work as a knowledge manager, Richard Grasshoff studied literature and philosophy in Berlin. He graduated with a PhD in Comparative Literature with funding from the Graduate Program for Young Scholars (NaföG).