Christopher Stolzenberg
M.A. Political Science
Head of Communications

Christopher Stolzenberg is Head of Communications at adelphi. Trained as a political scientist, he now coordinates the adelphi communications team and serves as the main contact for corporate communications.

For more than ten years, his expertise has been in demand among clients whose projects call for skills in the areas of corporate communications, online communications (website editing, newsletters, content management and social media), political communication, press relations, media campaigns, and trade fair communications. In the field of development cooperation, he has developed numerous successful communications strategies for implementing organisations. One of these projects, for example, focused on attracting East African entrepreneurs with sustainable business models through a campaign for a sustainability prize (SEED), while another focused on sensitising various target groups from Madagascar to the findings of a vulnerability analysis. Beyond this, he provides support to adelphi’s experts throughout the entire editorial process when they contribute articles to German and international newspapers and specialist publications.

Before joining adelphi, Christopher Stolzenberg worked for an international youth exchange organisation as a PR & marketing specialist. In this role, he headed advertising campaigns for international exchange programmes, led strategic communications projects and bolstered the organisation’s development as a trainer and facilitator. He gained his first leadership experience in the organisation’s Berlin regional office, heading a small communications team. During his traineeship, Christopher Stolzenberg acquired certification from the German Institute for Public Relations (DIPR).

After completing his master’s degree in political science, history, and French, Christopher Stolzenberg worked as a journalist, writing for a variety of national media for several years and producing online videos. In a range of professional and academic capacities, he has spent time abroad in France, Jordan, Canada and Kosovo. For more than 15 years, he provided training in intercultural learning for an international school exchange programme, a role that led him to a number of European and North African countries.

Selected Projects

Selected publications

  • Co-creating transformative solutions for cities – 28-30 November 2018, Berlin City Hall

    CFFactory 2019: Co-creating transformative solutions for cities. 28-30 November 2018, Berlin City Hall. Berlin: CFF C40.