Burcu Tuncer
MSc in Environmental Engineering, MSc in Environmental Management and Policy, Master of Business Administration
Senior Manager + Co-Lead Circular Economy

Burcu Tuncer is Senior Manager + Co-Lead Circular Economy. Burcu has 20 years of experience in developing and implementing sustainable consumption and production projects in Germany, South and South East Asia, Middle East and North Africa. She has engaged with national and local governments, multi-national companies, small businesses, entrepreneurs and non-governmental organisations on policy instruments, hot-spot analysis, business model development and capacity building. She currently works on promoting and monitoring circular economy practices in global agri-food, textile and plastic value chains.

“We can reach the climate goals and protect biodiversity only if we switch from the old "take, make and waste" model to the circular economy that keeps valuable materials in use, creates regenerative solutions and prevents leakage of carbon and toxic materials. In the CE Team, we are working hard to change linear facts like: a garbage truck full of textiles is wasted every second!”

Selected Projects