Akaraphum Pisanwanich
BA Quantitative Methods and Computer Science

Akaraphum Pisanwanich works as an Analyst for adelphi’s Representative Office in Bangkok primarily in the field of sustainable consumption and production and education for sustainability. He focuses on the topics of community building, green finance and sustainable supply chains as part of a green, circular economy. He conducts research and provides organizational support for projects in Thailand and Asia and assists in analysis and impact assessment. 

Prior to joining adelphi, Akaraphum served as a project manager for Earth Day Network in Thailand, facilitating the environmental coalition, Blue Green Thailand, that aims to monitor and support governmental performance on environmental matters. He also represented Earth Day Network, South East Asia region at the Asia Pacific Climate week by UNESCAP 2019. 

Akaraphum holds a degree in Digital Media Communication from Assumption University. He is currently working towards a Master of Arts in Social Innovation and Sustainability from Thammasat University.